How a Professional Negligence Solicitor would help you?

At times we hire professional experts for certain specialized services like pharmacists, accountants, surveyors, solicitors, architects and other professionals. However, there are sometimes the services are not delivered to us as per our expectations or does not meet professional standard. This could result in loss either financially or in some form. It could be even hazardous, if it cost life. These are the results of poor service rendered by a professional.

You can proceed with professional negligence claim if you have been let down while availing services such as:
•    Pharmacist
•    Accountant
•    Financial adviser
•    Solicitor
•    Architect
•    Surveyor

Not just punitive actions need to be taken against such service providers, but also you need claim compensations for the expense, stress, loss of time and reputation. Since as a lay man it would not be possible to put forward the claims powerfully, it is advisable to seek help of professional negligence solicitors. An expert Professional negligence solicitor would efficiently assess your chances of winning your claim.
He would also assist you at each step of professional negligence process and will keep you posted with progress as an when they happen.

Professional negligence cases are complex and time consuming. Sometimes it is not very evident even to determine if you can actually make a claim.

A good Professional negligence Solicitor would do all that it takes to examine the case carefully and evaluate if a breach of duty has been occurred and to what extent. A well researched fact sheet prepared by a professional negligence expert would bring much needed clarity into the subject and would help resolve the case in your favor swiftly.

However before you approach a Professional negligence expert you should complete some degree of spade work from your end. Such as gather below information on a piece of paper.
1.    Copy of a duty of care
2.    Boundary of that duty
3.    Quality of service rendered
4.    Extent of loss
5.    What it would take to mitigate
6.    Quantum of compensation

You need to be careful in your preparatory work else might run into risk of incurring cost penalties or your case being completely rejected. However by following the correct procedures you might even settle the case in your favor without even going to court.

Quality legal advice from Professional negligence Solicitorcomes at a cost and is expensive. To your relief there are Professional negligence expert who are ready to handle the case on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. This implies that you don’t need to pay a penny unless you win compensation or the fee is paid out of the compensation paid.

Professional negligence expert would in such case assess your case to determine if there has been a valid breach of duty and many experts provide such assessment free of cost.

But before all of this, you need to determine if your case is a professional negligence or a complaint made against the service provided by the professional. Instead of a professional negligence, if it is a matter of service complaint, then you would need to approach dedicated ombudsman or a respective regulator of such service.



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