Services of an Entertainment Lawyer

Entertainment Lawyer provides legal advices, counsel and represents an organizations, businesses and individuals from entertainment industry including theatre, television, films, music, publishing and digital media. Typically Entertainment Lawyer would be involved on either of the sides, Transactional or litigation. Majority of Entertainment Lawyer specialize and focus on music or films industry.   Other Entertainment Lawyers are basically generalist with wide range of expertise that span across various sub-industries.

A competent Entertainment Lawyer is well versed in variety of legal fields pertaining to Entertainment industry. There is enough opportunity for Entertainment Lawyer that entertainment industry offers and since this industry is an ever evolving industry, it presents a challenge to Entertainment Lawyers to fully understand the breadth and scope of this dynamic industry. Just for the example the Entertainment Lawyer representing a musician will be expected to know the ins and outs of the contract pertaining to music industry along with the knowledge of the intellectual property law, rights of privacy, labor law and the basic of the employment law and the corporate laws. Entertainment Lawyers helps their clients on a day to day basis to efficiently handle legal issues arising in connections of their client’s business/career.

Transactional and Litigation lawyers provide their expertise in negotiating and drafting agreements, making deals and ensuring the parties stick to their obligations. While litigators are the lawyers who focus on defending their clients against lawsuits filed against them. Litigation lawyer also represent their clients in the court. Entertainment lawyers are often called upon to draft talent agreements and contracts. They are also often given the task to negotiate with union crew, negotiate deal related to equipment and space rental, licensing, copyright and regulatory issues.


On any typical day an Entertainment Lawyer could be seen spending most of his time over the phone or in e-mail with his/her clients and colleagues, negotiating deal points, making points to be later included in the contract. Also an Entertainment Lawyer would spend his/her much time in reviewing written agreements, drafting contracts, occasionally preparing organizational documents of incorporations and LLC’s and registration of copyrights and trademarks. No wonder his Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are frequently spent with his/her clients discussing their legal issues or about a contract points. That’s why many of the biggest deals are often heard to be struck over a cocktail or a meal. Their many evenings are spent networking with Clients and prospective clients.

From outside it might appear to be a very glamorous field to represent people and business especially if they pertain to page three crowds. However it in deed is a high pressure field since the deals often revolve around large sum of monies involving people with tremendous egos. Though the career of an Entertainment Lawyer presents enough opportunity to rub shoulders with plenty of beautiful people, it also is a career marked with extreme stress, demanding to work on short deadlines and has its own share of numerous frustrations that comes along the way. Having said all that it also is a very rewarding and promising field in terms of financially and personal satisfaction.


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